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That's Total Mom Sense

Sep 8, 2021

Kanika: It's been a hard year; families have been through a lot of twists and turns. Through it all, our kids have shown us just how resilient they are. As we prepare for kids to go back to school this Fall, what should parents be thinking about? How can best prepare their kids?

Stephanie: For me personally and the way we think about it at HOMER is, it's most important to spend time this summer building confidence and connection. As you mentioned, kids have shown just how resilient they are but we as parents must continue building their confidence by giving them tools to continue learning, solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and taking on challenges with a growth mindset.

Stephanie Tips:

  • Building Social Emotional Confidence
    • To thrive academically, kids need a deep sense of security and safe spaces to process their pandemic experience.
    • Create open dialogue about the pandemic
      • What I loved the most about last year, what I liked the least?
      • What I am most excited about next year, what I am most nervous about?
      • Write a story
  • Celebrate “I Did it Moments”
    • Celebrate the small victories along the way, Learning is a journey
    • When kids are learning something new, praise can really help them through those early frustrating moments and help them push on
  • Embracing a Growth Mindset
    • Develop a daily affirmation
    • Practice tools and strategies to change and grow and with a healthy mindset
    • Calming strategies to help deal with stress
  • Prepare for the academic year
    • What supplemental resources might you want to incorporate this year, that might not have in the past? There are a number of digital resources including HOMER, codeSpark Academy, etc that can help academically all while playing and having fun!
    • Be informed -- Speak to the school about:
      • Their focus on SEL
      • How they might deal with the varying learning levels after 2020